Great diner. Food is good and friendly atmosphere.

Terrance O'Donnell

Nice diner with big portions and reasonable prices. Good food and great service, ask for Lisa.

Stephen Becker

I work at the JiffyLube across the street I can order over the phone I may wait 5 minutes and go over and my food is finished ..Their onion rings with the cheese burgers are the best I’ve tasted

John Johnson

Great breakfast place; any breakfast you ever wanted, done right

Mike O'Brien

Excellent food,the service is good and there is ample parking.

Patty Kath

Good place for a wide selection of food; worth the visit.

Lois Mandell

The best dinner as of today!!! We use to go to Tropicana but after visiting this place is our number one from now on...

Luis Marquez

I haven’t been here in a while but figured I’d give it a shot bc I heard was under new ownership. Lunch was phenomenal! The rice pudding was great. We both had burgers and can say it’s a lot different then it was a year ago. Well done!!

Lester Horowitz

Great food and Lisa is the best waitress you'll ever have!

Roxy Varady Becker

I liked this diner. The coffee was good. Their breakfast special had a choice of a biscuit. The service was pleasant and they had a borrow a book in the entrance. Very sweet.

Adam Herbst

Good food; really, really great service.

Gee Braun

Place was packed for 4th of July. Waitress was excellent as was our food.

Randy Marks

This was a favorite place of mine for decades. Go here for excellent food on a friendly atmosphere.

Andrew Marcell

Always visit this restaurant when I am in Garwood.

Joseph David Perrotta

Open early and closes late, great for an early breakfast when you're getting off the night shift or just want some late-night waffle fries.

Professional waiting staff are very accommodating if your meal isn't to your liking, and they are quick to top off your coffee.

Huge menu to select from. Everything I have tried so far has been quite good. Great atmosphere, a true classic Jersey Dinner. I've been going for over a decade now and they never leave me wanting.

Cornelius Foote

They're under new ownership now and the place is in for an awesome makeover !! Oh and more importantly, the food was delicious!!

Lina Stark

Fantastic breakfast and coffee. Eggs were very fluffy.

Emily Leigh

The rustic mill is the best diner in the area. I love their HOMEMADE pancakes, yes homemade!!! They are delicious!!!! Also make sure you try their amazing new milkshakes explosions. I can’t wait to go back and have another one. The diner is under new ownership and they just updated their menu and I will be going back to try new things. Great food, clean place, fair prices, and big portions!!

Irene Reenz


At Rustic Mill Diner we are devoted to exceeding our customers' expectations in every manner possible, guaranteeing you professionalism and a service held to exceptional standards.